Embrace the feeling of wearing gorgeous couture and experience the creative process of designing a garment.

At Galedi, we bring a couture passion to the world of fashion. Focusing on garment construction techniques, we believe elements of design, proportion, balance, fit and quality fabric are essential components in creating beautiful, extraordinary collection pieces. Our especially skilled staff is here to help you find an original creation as we bring the garment to life.

Fashion is a big part of our life and we are always influenced by it. It is ever changing and evolving, but being fashionable isn’t just about being trendy. Fashion is a way to make yourself feel fabulous, comfortable and tell the world about you. It’s an art to use your clothing to express your personality and be confident in your apparel. We believe you deserve a garment, which reflects you, something that strengthens wardrobes and shores up your individuality, not just another piece of clothing.

Galedi designs

All Galedi designs rely on the most basic principles of proportion, balance, colour and texture. The fit of each garment is one of the most important factors, and as part of the process you will experience multiple fittings at our studios or in the comfort of your home, so each and every piece we create is orchestrated and proportioned to your individual body shape. A great attention to every detail is the essence of our work.

If you seek something that is unique, Galedi is here to embrace individual styles and create what is right for you, bringing collector’s items to every woman’s wardrobe.