Style: 2189

 Lina dress concentrates on definition the dress in chocolate brown jersey has beautiful drapes at the front which start from the shoulders and drape down the front with a deep cowl neckline and a perfect fit.A flattering dress for all body types. The fabric has been selected carefully so it coincides with the cut of the garment the asymmetrical drapes being the attention other details are kept minimal.


Style: 2165

A black and white lace embroidered cocktail dress shows off its quirkiness. The bold part of the embroidery lace covers the back and is stitched on the front sides of the dress .The flowers on the front have been selected carefully and stitched by hand.The style of which the way the lace has been used gives the dress a concept of a 3D effect.


Style: 2429

Dress for your modern wedding day.