Style: 2207

This stunning strapless piece is one which is highly praised for being chic. The cut and style on its own carry the dress with complete elegance. An attractive feature of the dress is a detailed gold beaded belt with silver beads on the outline, a fish tail enhancing the length and the flow of the fabric whilst the richness of the silver mesh fabric consists of gold and silver metallic thread, embroidered in a ray of abstract patterns.


Style: 2206

The eye catcher of this pale purple dress is the one shoulder strap,the carefully selected corded lace fabric and subtle embellishment s of the velvet belt surfaced with a trimming of gold beads  and silver Swarovski stones gives the dress a simple but an ultimate sultry appearance. The A line skirt with the train trailing and the chosen colour recreates a modern twist to otherwise known as an Edwardian dress.


Style: 2205

A romantic evening gown made from soft light dusty pink stretched net fabric. From below the waist the fabric floats of embroidery using a combination of soft pink and beige sequins.The dress shimmers with the reflection of light adding elegance.The cut of the A line skirt allows the fabric to move more freely, as the slim belt on the waistline emphasis the waist.


Style: 2215

Made in traditional white the beauty and abundance of elegance is carried throughout the dress with explicit detail to the ruffles and construction. A wedding dress with simplicity and definition made in traditional white. The shape of the dress is carried smoothly using duchess satin whilst soft silk organza is used for the gentle ruffles creating beauty to the movement of the dress. The train at the back is kept short coinciding effectively with the ruffles. A sweet bolero jacket made from silk oragnza is optional and can be draped effortlessly around the shoulders.


Style: 2218

Stunning Royal Blue mini dress can be worn to parties or dinner with sheer elegance. The special highlight of the dress is the attentive detail given to the embellishment of the fabric completed by hand. Beads are stitched in repetition of diagonal lines enhancing the waist, royal blue Swarovski stones are stitched between the beads adding extra glitter and sheen.A leather belt is used to put emphasis on the waist although in the same shade the use of it breaks the beaded work adding texture.


Style: 2266

An original gown made using Gerfuire fabric in rich emerald green, cut in a fish shape with a back tail and a V shape back. a A heart shaped built corset is to enhance the shape of the dress. The sleeves are small which can also be pulled lower to sit on the sides of the arms revealing the shoulders. The lining is knee length showing the lower part discreetly through the delicate fabric.